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We plan dream vacations free from the anxiety of “what ifs.” Tours are tailored and hand-picked so that you can experience the best personal and unique wonders of the world. Catch you on the other side with unforgettable adventures of your dreams.


Experience what real travel is and unforgettable memories that will leave you reminiscing about your trip. The stories, people, interactions, places, and cultures will be lingering in your mind long after you return home.

Delightful Local Secrets

Delightful Local Secrets

Are you tired of waiting long hours to explore some of your favorite tourist destinations? Worry not! With Trafalgar, you can enjoy incredible benefits from exclusive access to the Vatican out of hours to a tour of Versailles and its grounds with a local expert. Make yourself a part of the locals instead of a tourist, access intimate glimpses and hidden gems that our local specialists will reveal to you along the journey.

A Personal Touch

A Personal Touch

Whichever stages of booking a holiday you are at, we are here with you every step of the way. Our global round-the-clock support has got you covered with travel knowledge or assurance you need. So, you can sit back and enjoy the remarkable travel experience that we’ve been perfecting for over 100 years.

Travel Responsibly

Travel Responsibly

Like you, we are travelers, and we believe in living-the-moment when we travel but also to travel responsibly. The planet we call home, the people we visit, and the wildlife we find there – it is a priority for us to yield a positive impact. With our sustainability strategy – How We Tread Right, and TreadRight Foundation, rest assured, our carefully planned travels hold the utmost respect to wherever we go, and whomever we meet.

Truly Unique Experiences

Truly Unique Experiences

Be ready to meet people around the world and access local communities that you wouldn’t otherwise encounter. Join a different kind of tour with Trafalgar signature, 100+ Be My Guest experiences, and enjoy the hospitality of the welcoming locals as you hear their stories and learn their cultures from the inside. Traveling to places isn’t just about admiring the historical architectures or having delicious food, it’s about learning the culture and discovering local stories that will be the cherry to the cake of your travel experience.

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Travel Safety Promise

Holiday Tours unifies a wide spectrum of travel safety services to ensure the wellbeing of our travellers. Travelling with Holiday Tours means having a reliable partner you can count on to take care of things that are truly important from planning to returning.

Whether you are a travel manager or a traveller yourself, we promise we will be there for you every step of the way so you can travel with confidence.

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Find the latest travel and health regulations and regulations for your trip with our travel tool.

*If you have a special status (e.g., student, health, diplomatic, etc.), please review the travel news page provided by IATA. You can also visit the passport, visa and health information page to confirm that your terms are in accordance with the regulations of your destination country.
*This information is compiled, monitored and provided independently by Visa Run Inc. (dba Sherpa) from sources selected and monitored by Sherpa. It is only made accessible here by Holiday Tours for your convenience. Holiday Tours does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of either this information or Sherpa’s verification processes, for which please refer to Sherpa. As such, Holiday Tours does not accept liability or responsibility for any omissions, errors or inaccuracies in this information, which may also change at any time. The dynamic nature of local responses to COVID-19 increases the risk of information being outdated or inaccurate. It is your responsibility to independently inform yourself of any actual restrictions or requirements that may apply at your origin, destination or transit locations when you travel. This webpage is made available to you on the basis that you have accepted these terms.
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