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Mongolia, a rugged land of enigmatic beauty, has long beckoned intrepid travelers with its unique charm and nomadic lifestyle. Get a captivating glimpse into the land of Genghis Khan and its local traditions and find out for yourself why Mongolia is a matchless travel destination.

Bhutan Winter 1


Bhutan stands as an extraordinary destination, distinguished by its role as the final bastion of the majestic Himalayan kingdoms, veiled in an aura of mystique and enchantment. Experience its cherished traditional Buddhist heritage amidst the breathtaking landscapes.



Xinjiang, located in northwest China, is the biggest province in China and shares it borders with 8 countries, giving it its unique exotic culture and traditions. Travel to Xinjiang, where you can explore the historical sites of the Silk Road and the colorful folklore of so many different minorities.

XinJiang Camel

12 Days 9 Nights
Southern Xinjiang

Northern Xinjiang

12 Days 9 Nights
Northern Xinjiang

Xinjiang Silk Road

12 Days 9 Nights
Silk Road Xinjiang


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