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Travel Guide 2023: Australia ETA & New Zealand ETA Visa Applications Simplified For Malaysians
Australia ETA - Sydney

From incredible metropolitan cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Auckland to indigenous cultures and cuisine of Aboriginal Australians or Maorians, popular…

Simplify Your China Visa Application Process with These Tips

Let’s discuss getting a China visa, the document needed to enter China. Chinese authorities have resumed issuing all types of…

Turkiye Travel and Safety: A 2023 Guide
Turkish lamps at the market

Turkiye Travel and Safety: A 2023 Guide Haven’t made Turkiye travel plans? When a country is often in the headlines…

Portugal and Spain Travel Itinerary: Best Places To Go This Summer

Spain and Portugal have been destinations for northern Europeans who wait all year to escape to, for their summer vacation….

Europe and UK Travel Restrictions & Japan’s New Mask Requirements

This news update examines the new UK travel restrictions and the upcoming Euro travel system.  The UK is launching the…

The Best Travel Credit Card 2023 Options in Malaysia

You may be wondering what exactly a travel credit card is and how it differs from other credit cards. Many…

Matta Fair Guide: Get Excited For Matta Fair KL March 2023!
Matta Fair KL

If you are planning to attend the Matta Fair KL in March 2023, then you’ve come to the right place! In this Matta Fair Guide, we’ll be sharing details…

Renew Malaysian Passports Online: A Comprehensive Guide 2023
malaysian passport at airport business

Although we were all grounded for nearly three years, (a good number of us had not taken an international flight…

Top Travel Trends 2023: Best Holiday Destinations And Things To Do

Travel buffs, we hear you! After two years of the pandemic, travel bans and working from home, 2023 spells the…

2023 Travel Money Hacks You Need To Know

The year 2023 is expected to witness unexpected travel trends or “no-normal travel” based on studies conducted by Expedia. This…

Travel Safety: The Safest Airlines in 2023

The trending topic in the travel world at the start of the new year is travel safety. Let’s start by…