Looking For The Best Family Holidays? Here’s Our Top Tips For You!

Family holidays are the perfect opportunity for busy parents to spend quality time with each other and with their children.

Planning the ideal family holiday can be both super exciting for the whole family, especially if it is to a new or previously unexplored destination.

Speaking from experience, it can also be stressful and overwhelming once you start thinking of details such as accommodation, activities, eating choices, transportation options, kids’ activities and the list goes on.

Here are our top tips to help you to choose where to stay for your next unforgettable and ideal family holiday.

Additionally, we have also shortlisted some hotels in the region that we think will make excellent potential vacation spots for your next family trip. They are super accommodating, have excellent facilities and are jammed-packed with fun activities that will have both you and your kids entertained and occupied for days on end.


1. Pick a special hotel or destination that the whole family will get excited about 

For the ideal family holiday, pick a destination the whole family will look forward to, like the award-winning Thai-style JW Marriott Resort & Spa located on the Andaman Sea’s white-sand Khao Lak Beach. | Credit: JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort & Spa

Once you have picked your destination, the next important decision in family holidays is in choosing where to stay.

For the perfect family-friendly hotel, it’s essential to find a balance between child-friendly amenities and options for adults. This ensures that children can stay engaged and content while parents can still enjoy their own vacation experience, without sacrificing their well-deserved time off.

Sometimes, a unique hotel, instead of generic brand name hotels, can generate excitement that the whole family can look forward to for making lifetime memories.

2. Family-Friendly Rooms Are Important

A kid-friendly resort will have room configurations such as the above where younger kids can sleep in the same room as their parents. | Credit: Grand Hyatt Bali

When it comes to family holidays, finding a hotel that provides peace, comfort, and relaxation is crucial.

Families need space so they can spread out. Also, bear in mind that families will spend more time in their hotel rooms than adult-only travellers, as young kids and toddlers will need naps and breaks during the day.

So, the right room configuration is key.

For families with tweens, interconnecting rooms can be an excellent solution. Hotels that offer a separate area for kids to sleep in are ideal for families with younger children. One of our favourite hotel stays was at a Penang hotel that offered bunk beds with safety barriers and an exciting, themed decor that kept the kids entertained throughout their stay. For families with babies, it’s essential to ensure the hotel provides cribs or larger beds so that babies can sleep comfortably alongside their parents.

You may want to choose a room that comes with a balcony so that parents can unwind and relax outside with a few glasses of bubbles whilst the kids are playing inside.

If you can afford the splurge, private pools make for an unforgettable hotel experience, especially if your kids are a little older and are active in nature.

Lastly, a kitchenette with facilities like a mini-fridge for storing milk and drinks and a microwave for heating snacks can be very useful for family trips.

3. is Food readily available?

After a late night out, you may want to stay in and enjoy a scrumptious holiday breakfast in bed. | Credit: JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort & Spa

When travelling with kids, it’s essential to have easy access to food and drinks throughout the day.

So you may want to find out if room service is available 24 hours or limited to certain service hours. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your hungry toddler is left waiting for food because the restaurant or room service isn’t available yet.

Most kid-friendly resorts would have special kids’ meals, otherwise, it would be good to find out if the hotel can whip up a simple meal for children upon request.

Sometimes, after a long day out, the children may go to bed early and parents may want to order room service. Hotels that offer good dining options can make evenings enjoyable for parents; as they can have their evening meal on the balcony with wine or cocktails.

Lastly, if you are in an exotic destination, it may feel like sacrilege to eat at your standard hotel restaurant. So you may want to do some research to find hotels that are also known for their cuisine.

4. Is There A Buffet Breakfast To Start Your Day Right?

Who does not love a fabulous buffet breakfast spread on indulgent holidays which can include some local cuisine to try. | Credit: The Datai Langkawi

Since having children, we have always picked hotels that serve a buffet breakfast. It is convenient as it saves time from going out and the kids can sleep in a little later if they have had a late night previously; plus it gives everyone the right start to the day.

5. Check Out The Swimming Pools and Beaches

Extra happiness for your kids! Some kid-friendly hotels will have waterslides which will up the fun factor for all. | Credit: The Grand Hyatt Bali

Having a kid-friendly pool can be a game-changer when it comes to family holidays. If the pools are uber kid friendly and shallow, it can allow parents to truly relax, sit by the edge of the pool, and sip on a cocktail whilst keeping an eye on the kids. Some hotels level up and have a whole waterpark complete with slides and tubes which will surely make the kids ecstatic.

Once again, do your research as it is frustrating to arrive and find out that the hotel’s pool is closed and under construction.

One unforgettable stay we had was where the hotel room had private access to the ocean; with the ocean being less than 20 steps away from the room. The beach also had a gentle slope into the ocean, giving the children more freedom to safely play by the sea without overly stressing us out.

If your children are learning how to snorkel, then having easy access to a calm beach without crashing waves would be ideal.

Do take note if there are jellyfish in the ocean; as we have also had instances of getting stung by jellyfish. Although they are painful, most are not medical emergencies.

6. Kids Activities and Kid Clubs

The Ritz Carlton Langkawi’s Eco-Discovery Centre offers both kids and adults meaningful and memorable experiences with its unique program of eye-opening science and nature activities unfolding in its exploratory gardens. Your kids won’t want to leave! | Credit: The Ritz Carlton Langkawi

For relaxing family holidays where you are all likely to spend most of your time in the hotel, look for a kid-friendly hotel or resort that has activities catered to the little ones so that they will be kept occupied.

Look for kid’s clubs and verify what sort of activities are included – some hotels have fun educational programs like a Turtle Conservation Program, where children can stay up at night to see turtles come up to the beach to lay their eggs. We know of a family who keeps returning to the same resort year after year as their daughter loves the Turtle Conservation Program to the point of being a volunteer.

Do check specific details such as if the hotel only offers the kid’s club during peak season, where the children’s activities take place, if charges if applicable, the age requirement as well as the experience and qualifications of the kids club staff.

With all this in place, you and your partner can have peace of mind as your little ones will be in good hands.

7. Is There Babysitting And/Or Childcare Services?

Ask the hotel if childcare is available so that you and your spouse can spend some precious alone time together. | Credit: The Grand Hyatt Bali

For peace of mind, you may want to find out if the hotel offers babysitting or childcare services. Then parents can leave for a few hours; either to indulge in their favourite activities that their children are too young to join (such as rock climbing or scuba diving), or to have a romantic evening out.

Some hotels may have a list of trusted providers they work with, or you can check for reviews and ask for references. It is important to check the background of the babysitting agency or individual recommended by the hotel. It’s also worth noting that some hotels may offer additional services for families, such as in-room babysitting or a nanny service where a dedicated caregiver can accompany the family throughout the day.

Whatever option you choose, be sure to communicate your child’s needs, routines, and any special instructions clearly to the caregiver. This will help to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for everyone.

8. Are There Other Services Such As Laundry, AND Wi-Fi?

Some hotels even provide facilities like in-room manicure services so parents can stay with their children. | Credit : The Datai Langkawi

Parents with young children will know that travelling as a family can be like bringing along the kitchen sink. Packing light may seem like mission impossible. So if your kid-friendly hotel can offer a laundry service, this can solve your dilemma. Some hotels may include a complimentary laundry service depending on the room you book, whilst some may charge a fee. Others may have coin-operated self-service machines.

You should also verify the hotel’s Wi-Fi connections. Most hotels would offer in-room and complimentary Wi-Fi services, but some may limit it to the common areas of the hotel such as the lobby or the restaurant.


1. The Datai, Langkawi

Located on the northwest tip of Langkawi Island, The Datai is a stunning nature lover’s hideaway and despite being renowned for its exclusivity, the resort surprisingly offers a family-friendly experience.

Perfect for a family trip to Malaysia, the gorgeous Datai Langkawi has been nominated in the prestigious Travel & Leisure Luxury Awards Asia Pacific 2023. | Credit : The Datai Langkawi
This kid-friendly resort has activities such as mini scientific field trips called Ocean’s Drifters suitable for adults and especially fun for children. | Credit : The Datai Langkawi

2. The Ritz Carlton Langkawi

The Ritz Carlton Langkawi is a stunning rainforest resort located in a tranquil bay with expansive grounds overgrown with a 10 million-year-old rainforest. With a pristine beach that overlooks the Andaman Sea, the resort honours Malaysian traditions and offers ultimate privacy and access to nature. It makes for an idyllic family holiday destination.

Family villas like the one above come with their very own private pool and offer direct access to the beach. | Credit: The Ritz Carlton Langkawi
Inspired by nature, the huge double-storey minimalistic-design kids club is also an Eco-Discovery Centre. Kids 4 years and above can be left there for the day, it has a special swimming pool for babies and attentive staff are there to supervise activities. | Credit:- The Ritz Carlton Langkawi

3. jw marriott khao lak resort & spa

Escape to Thai paradise and one of your best family holidays ever at the JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort & Spa. The top luxe choice in the area, the property is stunning inside and out, with gorgeous grounds.

Family-friendly in every way with waterslides and kids clubs, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons sees an area of the resort transformed into the ultimate fun destination with live food stalls, games, family-friendly movies, mini spa treatments and many more activities.

The resort’s interactive pizza-making workshop is both entertaining and engaging, with chefs passing down the tradition of how to make the perfect pizza and ensuring that the little ones enjoy every step of the dishes they create. | Credit: JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort & Spa
The hotel goes out of the way to be truly unforgettable; be mesmerised by night by spectacular fire shows right by the beach. | Credit: JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort & Spa

4. st regis singapore

The uber-luxurious and famed St Regis Singapore is conveniently located in the prime location of the Tanglin Mall end of Orchard Road, making it super easy to get to a whole host of amenities and activities.

St Regis Singapore has collaborated with Wildlife Reserves Singapore to offer families exciting bespoke staycation experiences such as wildlife encounters to private buggy tours. | Credit: The St Regis Singapore

5. Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

The iconic Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is a family-friendly hotel with a super strategic location on the famed Orchard Road and at the doorsteps of Orchard MRT Station.

The hotel has curated a well-rounded kids club program that has everything from arts and crafts, cooking, discovering exhibitions at the Museum of Ice Cream, National Museum of Singapore and ArtScience Museum, and excursions at playgrounds, parks and beaches. Did you know Admiralty Park has 26 slides – the most slides in any park in Singapore?

Conveniently located on Orchard Road, the hotel features an architecturally stunning facade with an octagonal tower crowned by a distinctive green-tiled Chinese pagoda roof – one that pays homage to its culturally rich history dating back to 1982. | Credit: Singapore Marriott Tang Hotel
The hotel is great for getaways and family staycations, with an attentive staff willing to go the extra mile to create extra-special experiences for the kids. | Credit: Singapore Marriott Tang Hotel

6. Grand Hyatt Bali

Beach-fronting and gorgeous, the Grand Hyatt Bali is perfect for the ideal family holiday. Only 15 minutes drive from Bali Airport in upscale Nusa Dua, it is also close to top Bali attractions like Uluwatu Temple and Bali Collection.

Family-friendly Grand Hyatt Bali has lush gardens, lagoons with water lilies, five pools, a waterslide, a kids club and a luxurious spa for the parents. | Credit: Grand Hyatt Bali

7. Intercontinental Bali Resort

Located at Jimbaran Bay, the newly renovated spectacular Intercontinental Bali Resort has been nominated for the prestigious Travel and Leisure World’s Best Awards 2023.

Planet Trekkers offers a variety of activities for young guests aged 4-12 years old fully supervised and secure with ample recreational space facilities and fun, both indoors and outdoors. | Credit :- Intercontinental Bali Resort

Choosing the best family holiday is not just about finding a comfortable and luxurious accommodation, but also about finding a destination that caters to everyone’s interests and needs. From fun-filled activities for kids and relaxing spa treatments for parents to engaging cultural experiences for the whole family, there are endless possibilities for the perfect family getaway.

With the above-mentioned resorts and hotels, families can experience unforgettable holidays that are both entertaining and enriching, leaving everyone with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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