Sydney’s Spring Blooms: 10 Best Destinations for Flowers

Flowers are simply amazing. These gifts from Mother Nature are not only eye-catchingly beautiful, they also lift us from low moods, invoke joy and happy memories and give a sense of new beginnings. Now imagine being surrounded by thousands, even millions, of flowering buds. In spring, Sydney is flushed with a rainbow of flowers from jacarandas to tulips, roses, wildflowers and cherry blossoms. This is the time to celebrate life, abundance and beauty in the natural world.

Visit New South Wales for spring blooms
Springtime blooms in Sydney and New South Wales will make your heart sing | Credit: DestinationNSW

Here are the 10 best destinations for flowers in Sydney and New South Wales. The fluttering and dancing of blooms as far as the eye can see, at any one of these places, will definitely fill your heart with pleasure.

Spring Blooms: 10 Best Destinations for Flowers in Sydney and New South Wales

1. Grafton Jacaranda Festival

Spring blooms come in purple in NSW
In October and November, Jacaranda trees in Grafton turn from green to purple | Credit: DestinationNSW

The streets and parks of this northern New South Wales city turn a vivid violet as more than 17000 Jacaranda trees reveal their purple trumpet-shaped blooms. Grafton’s Jacaranda season, which usually starts early-to-mid October, is an amazing sight. Celebrate the magnificent curtain of purple at the Grafton Jacaranda Festivals which also feature purple ice cream, a float parade and drag queen bingo.

When: October 28 to November 6, 2022
Location: Grafton, a few hour drive south of Brisbane

2. Canola Trail

The Canola Trail highlights canolas in NSW
The canola trail takes you on a journey through history, food, wine, landscapes and exciting attractions | Credit: DestinationNSW

The New South Wales Canola Trail takes you down fields and fields of gold. Millions of canola flowers create this vista of shimmering gold.  The beauty of the Canola trail is that you get to explore charming towns, quaint villages and boutique stores along the way. If you look carefully, you can discover delectable delights such as the Coolamon Cheese Co and Junee Licorice & Chocolate Factory. To complete this experience, why not go on a hot air balloon ride for a once-in-a-lifetime bird’s eye view of these stunning fields of gold?

When: August and September every year
Location: North of Wagga Wagga, a two-hour drive from Canberra

3. Cherry Blossom Festival

See cherry blossoms in spring in Sydney
Auburn Botanic Garden has one of the most beautiful Japanese gardens in Sydney | Credit: DestinationNSW

There is no denying the magic and beauty of cherry blossoms. These delicate pink flowers only bloom for about two weeks but during this short period, put magic in the sky with their gentle shades of pink. The annual Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival gives visitors a chance to stroll under a canopy of these beautiful blossoms and partake in Japanese traditions, music, pop culture and street food.

When:  To be confirmed in 2023
Location: Auburn Botanic Gardens

4. Tulip Time Festival

Tulips bloom in NSW, Australia
Tulip flowers are usually cup-shaped with three petals and three sepals| Credit: DestinationNSW

Tulip Time is one of Australia’s oldest and best-loved floral festivals.  In the Southern Highlands, tulips herald the arrival of spring and warmer days to come. Corbett Gardens, in Bowral, features 75,000 mass-planted tulips, colourful springtime bulbs, entertainment and stalls. In 2022, this festival featured a magnificent tulip display at night, live music and a tulip bar.

When: September 2023; actual dates to be confirmed
Location: Bowral, Southern Highlands

5. Spring Paper Daisies Australian Botanic Garden 

Australian paper daisies are light, fun and full of joy
The Australian Botanic Garden in Mount Annan is home to the largest paper daisy display in Eastern Australia| Credit: The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

Anthophiles (people that love flowers as much as bees do) get excited! The Australian Botanic Garden, which has the largest living collection of Australian native plants,  is calling your name. In spring, you get to revel in the beauty and fragrance of wild Aussie flowering plants such as paper daisies, waratahs, banksias, flannel flowers, and golden wattle. The list of plants and activities in this garden is as endless as its breezy open natural space. Go with friends and family as there is something for everyone from educational experiences, to nature therapy walks, workshops, tours and concerts.

When: Open all year round. The wildflower season starts in spring 
Location: Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan 

6. Hunter Valley Gardens

Spring blooms across NSW
There are 35,000 roses bushes and over 150 different varieties of roses in Hunter Valley Gardens’ Rose Garden  | Credit: Hunter Valley Gardens’ Facebook

Roses, the global symbol of love, can be found in thousands in the Hunter Valley Gardens’ Rose Garden. There are 9 other themed gardens (including  Storybook Garden for children) to explore once your senses are sated with the beauty and fragrance of roses. Hunter Valley Garden has stellar walking paths that cover up to 8 km of land so put on a good pair of shoes and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.

When:  Open all year round but particularly grand during the spring.
Location: Hunter Valley, a 2-hour drive from Sydney

7. Floriade Festival

NSW is a haven for spring blooms
Fluoride 2023 will return to Commonwealth Park from September 16 to October 15, 2023 | Credit: Floriade Australia Facebook

The Floriade Festival is Australia’s biggest flower festival. This is the largest flower show in the Southern Hemisphere. But, what does this mean? For starters, how about over one million bulbs in bloom, a stunning after-dark extravaganza, workshops, live entertainment, food vendors, floral artistic displays and great Aussie wine? Also make sure to explore Canberra, Australia’s capital city, which has great food, world-class coffee and some of the best galleries and museums in the country.

When: September 16 to October 15, 2023
Location: Commonwealth Park, Canberra

8. Daffodils

Little towns in NSW have magnificent spring blooms
Daffodils at Rydal celebrates the arrival of spring and is held on the 2nd and 3rd weekend of September every year | Credit: Daffodils at Rydal’s Facebook

Looking for an inspiring experience? We suggest visiting Rydal, a tiny unique heritage village in the magnificent countryside of New South Wales. In Rydal, thousands of daffodils have been planted in honour of poet William Wordsworth, famous for his poem on this stunning flower. Daffodils at Rydal is a legit country show held every year. For more golden daffodils, you can visit the Kyneton Daffodil and Arts Festival in Victoria.

When: 2nd and 3rd weekend of September 
Location: Rydal

9. Go Wild About Waratahs Festival

Learn about native Australian flowers in spring
The waratah is New South Wales floral emblem and one of the best-known native Australian plants | Credit: Australian National Botanic Gardens

We know you will go wild over waratahs, New South Wales’ gorgeous floral emblem. Waratah is the Aboriginal word for “beautiful” and this large spectacular scarlet flower has inspired countless bold artistic ideas. There are also towns, steamships and football teams that named themselves after this plant. Go Wild About Waratahs is a nine-day festival that features the best waratah in NSW competition, horticulture tours, workshops and floral displays.

When: To be confirmed in 2023
Location: The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah 

10. Leura Gardens Festival

Spring blooms beautifully in Sydney
The Leura Gardens is in the beautiful Blue Mountains, 100 km west of Sydney | Credit: Leura Garden Festival’s Facebook

The gardens of Leura are famous for their magnificent displays of azaleas, rhododendrons, dogwoods, camellias, flowering annuals, perennials and cool climate exotics. In spring, Leura Gardens comes alive with a blaze of rainbow colours from eight smaller gardens. The Leura Gardens Festival, organised and staffed entirely by volunteers, aims to raise funds for medical equipment and patient care for a local hospital. So plan a visit, stay for a few days and take your time to enjoy each garden. 

When: To be confirmed in 2023
Location: Blue Mountain Spring Gardens

Don’t forget to head to the Sydney Flower Market for some freshly cut flowers. This is Australia’s largest flower market and you will definitely find some spring blooms to brighten your day. 

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