10 Irresistible Destinations for The Perfect Chinese New Year Getaway 2024

As the joyous occasion of Chinese New Year approaches, many Malaysians are already planning their perfect getaway to usher in the Year of the Dragon. Whether you’re looking for cultural immersion, relaxation, or adventure, there are plenty of exciting destinations to explore during this festive season. Here, we present 10 irresistible destinations tailored for Malaysians seeking the ultimate Chinese New Year getaway this year.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta, Indonesia as your next Chinese New Year destinationYogyakarta stands out as an exceptional destination for celebrating Chinese New Year, offering a rich tapestry of cultural experiences and festive charm. Known for its vibrant blend of Javanese traditions and historical significance, Yogyakarta warmly embraces the Chinese New Year festivities, creating a unique and inclusive atmosphere. Visitors can witness captivating performances, traditional lion and dragon dances, and participate in vibrant local celebrations that beautifully meld the city’s diverse cultural influences.

The city’s numerous temples, such as Prambanan and Pawon, provide serene spaces for reflection and spiritual exploration during this auspicious time. Yogyakarta’s welcoming community, coupled with its diverse culinary scene, ensures an immersive and joyous Chinese New Year celebration, making it an ideal destination for those seeking cultural richness and festive delights.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo JapanFor those seeking a mix of tradition and modernity, Tokyo is the perfect destination. Enjoy cherry blossoms in Ueno Park, experience the electrifying atmosphere of Shibuya Crossing, and savor authentic Japanese cuisine. The city’s dynamic energy takes on a festive spirit during this auspicious time, with vibrant parades, captivating cultural performances, and traditional lion dances adding a touch of celebration to its iconic streets.

Tokyo’s numerous temples and shrines, such as Senso-ji in Asakusa, provide a serene backdrop for spiritual reflection and cultural exploration during the New Year festivities. Additionally, the city’s diverse culinary scene ensures a delightful fusion of flavors, with various restaurants offering special Chinese New Year menus. Tokyo’s warm hospitality, glittering cityscape, and a plethora of activities make it a perfect destination for those seeking a cosmopolitan celebration with a touch of traditional charm during the Chinese New Year.

Krabi, Thailand

KrabiEscape to the pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters of Krabi for a relaxing Chinese New Year getaway. The stunning limestone cliffs, pristine beaches, and emerald waters create a picturesque backdrop for festive celebrations. Krabi’s warm tropical climate during this time of the year enhances the joyous atmosphere, providing an ideal setting for outdoor festivities and events.

The local communities in Krabi embrace the Chinese New Year traditions with enthusiasm, featuring lively parades, traditional performances, and vibrant displays of lanterns. Travelers can partake in the celebrations, enjoying the distinct charm of a coastal town immersed in cultural diversity. Whether exploring the famous Railay Beach, limestone caves, or joining in the local festivities, Krabi promises a memorable Chinese New Year celebration, combining natural wonders with cultural vibrancy in a truly idyllic setting

Seoul, South Korea

seoulExperience the charm of South Korea’s capital during the festive season. The vibrant cityscape comes alive with colorful lanterns, captivating performances, and traditional events that mark the auspicious occasion. Seoul’s bustling districts, such as Insa-dong and Myeong-dong, transform into lively hubs of activity, hosting parades, cultural exhibitions, and lively street festivities. The city’s numerous temples, including Bongeunsa and Jogyesa, offer serene spaces for spiritual reflection and participation in traditional rituals. Seoul’s diverse culinary scene adds to the festive spirit, with restaurants featuring special menus for the occasion.

Whether strolling through ancient palaces, enjoying the panoramic views from Namsan Seoul Tower, or immersing in the vibrant street celebrations, Seoul promises an unforgettable Chinese New Year experience, fusing contemporary dynamism with time-honored customs in a captivating urban setting.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

siam reapHome to the iconic Angkor Wat and other ancient temples, Siem Reap offers a unique setting for cultural exploration during this auspicious time. The city’s vibrant markets, such as Psar Chas, come alive with traditional decorations, lively performances, and an array of local delicacies, providing an authentic and immersive experience for visitors.

The historical significance of Angkor Wat adds a sense of grandeur to the celebrations, as locals and tourists alike gather to witness the temple illuminated against the night sky. Siem Reap’s warm hospitality, coupled with its historical charm, creates an enchanting atmosphere for Chinese New Year celebrations, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a blend of cultural richness and festive joy in a unique and picturesque setting.

Cherating, Malaysia:

cheratingFor those who prefer a domestic getaway, Cherating in Pahang offers a tropical paradise just a short flight or drive away. Relax on pristine beaches, explore the lush rainforests, and enjoy the local village lifestyle. The laid-back atmosphere and friendly local community contribute to a welcoming environment for Chinese New Year celebrations, where visitors can experience cultural traditions, partake in festive events, and savor delicious local cuisine. Cherating’s blend of natural beauty and cultural charm makes it a perfect destination for those looking to usher in the Chinese New Year in a peaceful and picturesque setting.

Alternatively, you can escape to Club Med Cherating for an all-inclusive getaway. Fret not about your next meals or what to do next as Club Med offers food and drinks and plenty of activities to keep you and your family occupied throughout the day.

Marrakech, Morocco

moroccoIndulge in the exotic charm of Marrakech, Morocco. The city’s bustling medinas, such as Jemaa el-Fnaa, come alive with the energy of traditional musicians, street performers, and colorful displays, offering a unique and lively atmosphere for festivities. Marrakech’s historic landmarks, including the majestic Bahia Palace and the intricate Saadian Tombs, provide a picturesque backdrop for cultural exploration during this auspicious time. The city’s renowned souks, adorned with Moroccan lanterns and textiles, create a magical ambiance, while local eateries showcase a fusion of flavors.

Embracing the diversity of Marrakech, Chinese New Year becomes an immersive celebration, where visitors can experience the charm of North African hospitality against the backdrop of an enchanting cityscape. Marrakech stands as an alluring destination, seamlessly weaving together the allure of Morocco and the jubilant spirit of Chinese New Year.

Hanoi, Vietnam


Hanoi, Vietnam, emerges as a vibrant and culturally rich destination for celebrating Chinese New Year, offering a tapestry of traditional festivities and historical charm. The city’s Old Quarter transforms into a lively hub, adorned with red lanterns and intricate decorations, creating a captivating atmosphere. Visitors can witness dragon and lion dances, traditional performances, and join the local community in vibrant celebrations. The iconic Hoan Kiem Lake and the historical Temple of Literature provide serene spaces for reflection amidst the festive fervor. Hanoi’s culinary scene adds to the joyous experience, with bustling markets and local eateries offering a delectable array of traditional Vietnamese and Chinese delicacies.

Embracing a fusion of Vietnamese hospitality and the excitement of the Lunar New Year, Hanoi becomes a picturesque and culturally immersive destination, where ancient traditions seamlessly blend with the spirited celebrations of Chinese New Year.


maldivesFor a luxurious and tranquil escape, consider the Maldives. Indulge in overwater bungalows, snorkel in clear turquoise waters, and relax on pristine white-sand beaches. The Maldives provides an idyllic setting for a romantic or family getaway. The overwater bungalows and pristine white-sand beaches provide an intimate setting for a serene holiday, away from the bustling festivities. Visitors can immerse themselves in the tranquility of turquoise lagoons, vibrant coral reefs, and lush tropical landscapes. The luxurious resorts in the Maldives cater to discerning travelers seeking a peaceful retreat, offering personalized services and exquisite dining experiences. For couples or families, you can escape to one of two Club Meds in this paradise on earth.

While the Maldives may not be a traditional Chinese New Year destination, its secluded beauty and world-class hospitality provide an exclusive and rejuvenating alternative for those looking to usher in the Lunar New Year in a setting of unparalleled natural beauty and luxury.

Istanbul, Turkey

turkeyIstanbul, with its rich historical tapestry and vibrant cultural mosaic, proves to be an intriguing destination for celebrating Chinese New Year. The city’s iconic landmarks, including the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, provide a stunning backdrop for cultural exploration and festive activities. Istanbul’s dynamic atmosphere comes alive during this time, with bustling bazaars, lively street performances, and the alluring aromas of Turkish and international cuisines wafting through the air.

Visitors can partake in traditional celebrations, witness colorful parades, and explore the fusion of Eastern and Western influences that define Istanbul’s unique charm. The city’s warm hospitality, diverse cultural heritage, and the enchanting ambiance of the Bosphorus create a captivating environment, making Istanbul an extraordinary destination for embracing the joyous spirit of Chinese New Year in a setting that bridges continents and cultures.


As Malaysians gear up for the Chinese New Year festivities, these 10 destinations offer a perfect blend of cultural experiences, relaxation, and adventure. Whether you choose to explore the historic streets of Hanoi, relax on the beaches of Langkawi, or immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Marrakech, these destinations promise an unforgettable getaway to welcome the Year of the Dragon in style. So pack your bags, gather your loved ones, and embark on a memorable journey to create lasting memories during this auspicious season.

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