Good News! Automated Clearance for Malaysians arriving in Changi Airport T2

October ended on a low note with a deadly Halloween disaster in Seoul, Korea. We grieve for those affected and…

Japan Skiing: The Best Snow and Ski Resorts for the Ultimate Winter Adventure 

Japan skiing, a term frequently bandied about in the global winter sports community. Ever wondered why the fuss over skiing…

Craft Beer: An Introduction to 10 Craft Breweries in Europe

It’s hard to find a drink that rivals the satisfaction of a cold beer – from the complexity of its…

Long Weekends 2023 – Need Inspiration For Fabulous Getaways? We’ve Got You Covered!
long weekends 2023

Long Weekends 2023 Are Coming Up! Here Are 4 Fabulous Getaway Ideas Near Malaysia Sometimes we take where we live…

Everything You’ll Need to Know About Halloween for a New Level of Spooky
Halloween Jack O Lantern

The one festivity that we all await the whole year – Halloween – is celebrated by all, regardless of race…

Christmas Around The World: Vacations And Fun Ideas To Get You Feeling Festive

Every year in December, the festive Christmas cheer dawns on each of us. We gather with family and friends, unwrapping…

A Guide to Oktoberfest: An Overview Of The Bavarian Festival That Has Swept The Globe

My first exposure to Oktoberfest was at a mall in Malaysia. The event was organised by a German beer brand…

Japan Cruise: Holiday Of A Lifetime

Travellers that have yet to try a cruise vacation, for example, a Tokyo cruise (a cruise vacation that takes off…

11 Best Family Holiday Destinations In Malaysia
family holiday

11 Best Destinations In Malaysia For Your Next Family Holiday Planning a family holiday is a huge undertaking. From deciding…

Malaysian Public Holidays 2023: All You Need To Know To Plan Ahead
Lake landmannalaugar Iceland

Time flies when you’re having fun, eh? We’re already in the last three months of 2022, and while it feels…

Thailand and Canada’s Full Reopening

After more than two years of border restrictions and false starts, countries are starting to revert to pre-pandemic travel requirements….

12 Enchanted Cities that Make Christmas in Europe So Magical
soest germany christmas

Compared to the many festive seasons around the world, Christmas in Europe is probably the most calming yet cheerful celebration….

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