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The Unique & Extraordinary: Popular Destinations of Western Australia

Western Australia boasts some otherworldly natural wonders, sprawling wildflower fields, iconic city buildings, and eco-cultural adventures to immerse yourself in the beauty, history and culture of WA. We have compiled a list of must-see destinations in Western Australia.

Natural Wonders

With landscapes that have been in the making for billions of years, Western Australia’s natural landscapes are sure to wow and intrigue you.


One of the most beguiling attractions in Western Australia is the bubblegum pink lakes. Lake Hillier, near Esperance, is a salt lake located on the edge of Middle Island. Take a helicopter flight over and be amazed at its 600 metres of pink surface shaped like a foot.

pink lake hutt lagoon
Mesmerising Hutt Lagoon with its beautiful pink hues. | Credit: Tourism Western Australia

The mesmerising sights of Hutt Lagoon is something you must see to believe. Hutt Lagoon has an extremely high level of salinity and its pink hues change throughout the seasons and time of day. Visit on a clear day on your way to Kalbarri before the sunsets to take those Instagram-worthy photos.


Be mind blown at Wave Rock, a 15-metre-high ancient multi-coloured granite cliff in the Golden Outback. Just four hours from Perth, this epic 110-metre-long sight was formed by the erosion of wind and rainwater over 2.7 billion years.  You will also discover ancient rock paintings and in winter, be greeted by a magical carpet of colourful wildflowers.

wave rock night
Night sky at the Wave Rock, Hyden | Credit: Tourism Western Australia

The beehive-shaped domes of the Bungle Bungle Range in the World Heritage-listed Purnululu National Park are sure to captivate you. Unknown to many until 1983, the Bungle Bungle Range’s vast orange and black sandstone structures are spectacular geological structures. Explore the range further on foot into Cathedral Gorge and Echidna Chasm, and learn about the site’s Aboriginal cultural history and significance.

karijini waterfalls pool
Marvel at the sparkling Fern Pool in Dales Gorge, Karijini National Park. | Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Visit Karijini National Park and transport yourself back two billion years as you encounter towering gorges, magnificent boulders and beautiful sparkling pools. Erosion over thousands of million years has carved out the red rusted terrains and lush waterways. Camping overnight is an option, especially if you get to witness the twinkling night sky with meteor showers.

Spanning over 183,00 hectares, Kalbarri National Park has become one of the most popular Western Australia destinations for outback adventures. Trail along the ancient terrains of Kalbarri with its 400-million-year-old river gorges and beautiful cascading waterways. Go kayaking on the Murchison River or climb the cliffs to experience the striking beauty of red sandstone.

pinnacles moonscape nambung
Marvel at the sparkling Fern Pool in Dales Gorge, Karijini National Park. | Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Another otherworldly landscape not to be missed is the fascinating moonscapes of Pinnacles. Found in Nambung National Park near Cervantes, these tall limestone spires rising out of the yellow desert sands were formed over millions of years, making for a postcard-perfect picture.

Iconic Buildings & Spaces

Officially opened in 2016, Perth’s Elizabeth Quay may be a new addition but the waterfront has fast become an iconic open space for all ages to enjoy the city’s cosmopolitan lifestyle along the Swan River. Take selfies at any of the public artworks on display such as the Spanda or snap gorgeous city sunset from the pedestrian bridge.

perth spanda art
Admire iconic public art, the ‘Spanda’ on a day out at Elizabeth Quay. | Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Another landmark in the vicinity would be the towering glass spire of Bell Tower. Also known as the Swan Bells, it is the second largest set of change ringing bells in the world with original bells from Buckingham Palace’s parish church. Visitors can participate in interactive demonstrations to learn the ancient art of bell ringing.

If you are interested in the Gold Rush legacy of Western Australia, Kalgoorlie Boulder is a popular destination for overnight trips. You can tour the largest outback town starting at the modern-day Super Pit mine. Explore the ghost towns and grand heritage buildings to understand the area’s past glories.

Perth mint interactive
Witness the amazing spectacle of a traditional gold pour in the Perth Mint. | Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Perth Mint makes for a fascinating visit as it is one of the last mints left in all of Australia. Established in 1899, Perth Mint still produces Australia’s official coins, gold bars, medals and bullions. Spend the day at the mint to learn all about the Gold Rush era, watch how famous coins and medals are made and even get a chance to grab hold of extraordinary gold nuggets and bullion bars only available at their exclusive exhibitions.

Wildflower Fields

As spring approaches, Western Australia wildflower fields bloom into a magnificent carpet of colours.

Kalbarri National Park boasts over 800 species of native wildflowers as they bloom over 5 months. Be awe-struck as the dry red sandstone area of the national park transforms into a vivid display of colours.

wildflower wheatbelt
Colourful beds of wildflower found in The Wheatbelt. | Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Just a little out of Perth, the Wheatbelt Way is another popular spot to experience wildflower fields. From mid-August, countless orchid species, wreath flowers and everlastings begin to bloom and form luscious yards and yards of wildflower fields.

Eco-Cultural Adventures

Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the ruggedly beautiful Kimberly region with its Traditional Custodians. Kingfisher Tours are mostly guided by local Aboriginal guides for multi-day adventures of this vast wilderness of the north. Tours include key areas such as World Heritage-listed Purnululu National Park, Kununurra and Kalumburu Coast.

kingfisher tours aboriginal
Be guided by a local Aboriginal guide with Kingfisher Tours | Credit: Adventure World Water Park official website

While Shark Bay is home to some of Australia’s most unique wildlife and seascapes, it’s also home to ancient traditions of the local Aboriginal community (Nhanda and Malgana Aboriginal people). Wula Gura Nyinda Eco Cultural Adventures offers a life-changing experience, where one gets to learn about the Aboriginal culture,  kayak in the turquoise waters of Shark Bay World Heritage Area, camp under the clear night skies, and even go on a 4WD tour!

ecotours shark bay
Enjoy a campfire with Wula Gura Nyinda Eco Adventures in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. | Credit: Scitec official website

With the abundance of majestic landscapes, spellbinding fields of wildflowers, rich cultural history and iconic modern spaces, Western Australia is sure to leave a lasting impression on you.

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