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Beyond Perth: The Ultimate Western Australia Places To Visit

The vast land of Western Australia has stories and adventures waiting for you, with each corner of this immense state rich with ancient landscapes, diverse biological environments and culture. With so much to explore, we have narrowed down some must-visit destinations beyond Perth for you!


Whatever type of adventure you are looking for, The Coral Coast has it all. From swimming along the world’s largest fringing coral reefs with whales and manta rays to climbing ancient red sandstone cliffs and gorges, The Coral Coast is packed with natural wonders for an unforgettable holiday. Get a 4WD and get on the road heading north to discover two of the World Heritage Areas – Ningaloo Reef and Shark Bay.

ningaloo reef coral
Colourful beds of coral reefs, Ningaloo Reef. | Credit: Tourism Western Australia


Located in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area, meeting the friendly dolphins of Monkey Mia is a highlight. Friendly dolphins swim up to the shores daily to be fed and interact with the park rangers making it a popular site for dolphin sightings. You could also wind down in this beautiful coastal town, go on an aboriginal tour or join a dive cruise.

monkey mia dolphins
Children can feed dolphins under park rangers supervision at Monkey Mia. | Credit: Tourism Western Australia


The sunny coastal city of Geraldton is well known for its maritime activities with the strategic Port of Geraldton being one of the main ports on the west coast of Australia. Get on board a lobster fishing cruise to pull up your own lobster and enjoy it cooked fresh. History buffs will enjoy visiting HMAS Sydney II Memorial and the Museum of Geraldton to learn about the maritime history and the great heritage of this port city.

geraldton port city
Batavia Coast Marina of Geraldton. | Credit: Tourism Western Australia


Exmouth town serves as the gateway to the most astonishing WA destinations that the North-West cape has to offer. UNESCO World Heritage listed Ningaloo Marine Park, Turquoise Bay, Coral Bay and Cape Range National Park are all within a 2-hour drive from the town centre. Snorkel along the coral gardens of Ningaloo Reef, go bushwalking in Cape Range National Park to encounter Australia’s wildlife and rugged landscape or soak up the rays on the sandy white beach of Turquoise Bay.

coral reef ningaloo
Beautiful lavender reef garden, Ningaloo Reef, Coral Bay. | Credit: Tourism Western Australia


The iconic road trip to the South West Edge promises you an exceptional scope of experiences from indulging in the best local produce and cuisine to being mesmerised by incredible sights of rock formations, exploring ancient caves, and relaxing at some of the dreamiest beaches in Australia.

cape leeuwin lighthouse
The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse on the edge of the Margaret River Region. | Credit: Tourism Western Australia


Bunbury is a port city in the south of Western Australia famous for friendly bottlenose dolphins that often swim around Koombana Bay. You could go on swimming tours or board a dolphin-watching cruise to get acquainted with these friendly natives. Considered as the second capital of WA, you could spend the day discovering the city’s art galleries, sublime dining experiences or even take the walking trail by the coast towards the Bunbury Lighthouse.

Bunbury snorkel dolphins
Go swimming with the dolphins in Bunbury with the Dolphin Discovery Centre. | Credit: Tourism Western Australia


No other wine region in the world has such an unusual yet striking environment. The premium wine region of Australia is also home to tall timber forests where you can find black truffles, coastline of crystal clear waters with sandy white beaches and ancient caves. With its world-class wineries and fresh produce, you are sure to indulge in the best gastronomy delights.

voyager estate wine 1
Take a winery tour at Voyager Estate, Margaret River. | Credit: Tourism Western Australia


Pemberton is a little town straight out of the storybook settings. Be awestruck by the tall timber forests of the Karri tree, spot colourful wildflowers dotted along the trail, climb up the world’s tallest fire lookout tree, the Gloucester Tree, or cool down by the beautiful waterways in Beedelup National Park.

waterfall beedelup park
Serene falls of Beedelup National Park. | Credit: Frances Andrijich


Sat right at the southern tip of Western Australia, Albany is the top spot for whale watching that migrate through the year. Learn all about whaling history at the Historic Whaling Station, splash around with your family in the calm bay of Greens Pool or take a hike on the scenic coastal walk trails in Torndirrup National Park.

thegap torndirrup park
Magnificent cliffs at The Gap, Torndirrup National Park. | Credit: Tourism Western Australia


With fewer people per square kilometre than any other corner of this planet, Kimberley is all parts magical, powerful and awe-inspiring. The unspoilt ranges of Kimberley with a billion-year-old landscape will be sure to take your breath away. Learn the world’s oldest living culture from the traditional Aboriginal custodians, attempt a 4WD adventure through the legendary 660-kilometre Gibb River Road and be awed by the beehive-like natural domes of World Heritage-listed Bungle Bungle Range.

Gantheaume point broome
Take in dramatic views on top of Gantheaume Point, Broome. | Credit: Tourism Western Australia


The coastal town of Kimberley has plenty to offer you, whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday or one filled with adventure. Besides being one of the world’s finest producers of pearls, Broome has the most magical tangerine sunsets, rich World War II heritage, turquoise water and red ochre rock in Roebuck Bay for you to explore. Join the leisurely camel caravan on Cable Beach, find WWII wreckage and billion-year-old dinosaur footprint and witness the natural phenomenon of “Staircase to the Moon” in Roebuck Bay.

roebuck bay aerial
Striking contrast of Roebuck Bay, Broome. | Credit: Tourism Western Australia


Get off the beaten paths and explore the most eastern parts of Kimberley from Kununurra. You will find the beehive-shaped Bungle Bungle Range in Purnululu National Park, ancient gorges, and one of the largest lakes in the southern hemisphere, Lake Argyle. Embark on the iconic 660-kilometre Gibb River Road adventure as you pass through remote parts of Kimberley while taking in the most epic sceneries of massive gorges, cascading waterfalls and calm rock pools.

gibb river road
Explore off road on the 4WD Gibb River Road experience. | Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Each corner of Western Australia has a different type of adventure ready for you, whether it is exploring the remote old country or enjoying the finest wines in the region. There is truly something for everyone in Western Australia.

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