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MUST DO: Food & Drink Experiences in Western Australian

Being one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world, Western Australia boasts a fertile environment for world-class produce. An absolute foodie paradise that showcases an array of mouth watering seafood, award-winning wines and highly valued black truffles. If you are on the hunt for some unique curated food experiences in WA, you’ve come to the right place!

lobster shack
Seafood galore at Lobster Shack, Cervantes, a perfect place to enjoy the freshest lobsters cooked to your preferences | Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Truffle Hunting in Manjimup

Nothing beats the black truffle as one of the world’s most prized ingredients. Treated as a sacred cooking ingredient, it has a distinct taste and aroma that is pungent, earthy and intense, used in small quantities to elevate the flavours in a dish.

Manjimup in the south west of WA has one of the most fertile grounds for these black jewels. Nestled between the Jarrah and Karri Forests east of Margaret River, black truffles grow abundantly in this lush area with a cool climate.

The Australian truffle season runs from June to September and to kick start it, a fun annual event is held in Manjimup called Truffle Kerfuffle. The international event is held to showcase the region’s finest rare black winter truffles, some of which are exported to world’s most premium restaurants.

truffles manjimup
Get your hands dirty and dig out black truffles in Southern Forests, Manjimup. | Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Extremely popular with travellers, you will go on an excursion to find these black jewels with trained sniffer dogs as your company. Learn more about the Manjimup Truffle here.

Walk Talk Taste Eatery Tour Margaret River

There are many eatery tours but nothing beats Walk Talk Taste Margaret River. A true pioneer in walking and food tours, you will be learning and experiencing one of the world’s truly great wine regions through the eyes of a local.  Expect freshly brewed coffees, delicious brunches and smooth wines throughout the journey!

walk talk taste
Tasting at a local cheese shop with Walk Talk Taste Tours. | Credit: Walk Talk Taste Margaret River Official Website

The tour starts at the Old Settlement by the river and you will work  your way and appetite up the hill whilst learning about the history of the town. You will also get to witness all the action behind the scenes at some of the best cafes, restaurants and bars in the town.  A foodie day out on foot will include six stops from learning about coffee beans to indulging in some succulent Margaret River marron.

wine tasting walk talk taste
Join an informative and curated wine tasting dinner with Walk Talk Taste Margaret River’s Evening tours. | Credit: Walk Talk Taste Margaret River Official Website

Walk Talk Taste Margaret River also offers other curated experiences; whether it’s a luxurious all inclusive immersion experience or an evening tour that promises an exceptional dinner coupled with wine and cocktail on the trail. Bookings can be made in advance here.

Feast on Western Rock Lobsters & Marrons

Western Rock Lobsters

Well known as the ‘spiny lobster’, the Western Australian rock lobster was acknowledged as the first ecologically sustainable fishery by the Marine Stewardship Council. Available all year round, a popular way to experience these highly valued lobsters is by going on a tour boat to help catch them to be cooked for you fresh.

Take a trip to Rottnest Island and get on a luxurious adventure with Rottnest Cruises and catch your own western rock lobster before it gets cooked for you by the on-board chef as part of a five-course deluxe seafood banquet. Rottnest Island is known for its western rock lobster that grow up to 3 to 5 kilograms each, which are sure to make for a memorable meal.

lobster rottnest cruise
Trap your own lobster and get it cooked on board the Rottnest Luxury Cruise. | Credit: Rottnest Cruises Official Website

Another popular home to lobsters would be Geraldton, approximately four hours’ drive from Perth. Being the biggest lobster exporters in the country, you can buy fresh lobster at a reasonable price and also have it cooked on the spot at Fishermen’s Wharf. If you are up for an adventure at the sea, get a few friends together and go on a day tour to pull up western rock lobsters for a scrumptious dinner!

If you prefer to enjoy your lobster in a more comfortable setting, the Lobster Shack, a two hour drive from Perth, has ample dining space and faces the sea. You can enjoy a lobster prepared in different ways; barbecued, classic mornay or a lobster roll while taking in the sea breeze.


Unlike lobster, the cooked flesh of a marron is tight and firm, sliced rather than pulled off in chunks. Specific to south-western part of WA, marrons are only found in freshwater.

Marrons are a delicacy in the wine country, most winery restaurants such as Leeuwin Estate or Voyager Estate in Margaret River will often have marron on the menu. It’s an absolute must to pair your marron dish with a glass of Western Australia white wine, which makes the most delectable pairing.

blue ridge marrons
Taste the freshest Blue Ridge marrons at Leeuwin Estate in Margaret River, grilled and served with chilli lime butter and pickled vegetables . | Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Join the True Blue Marron tour in Jalbarragup to learn how marrons are grown. Besides learning how marrons grow, the interactive information session will also bring you behind the scenes of their farm plus you will get to see live blue and black marrons. After a day of wandering around marron ponds, guests are treated to a delightful meal consisting of marrons and cooking demo.

Eclectic Craft Brewery, Heritage Tavern &  Iconic Rooftop Bar

brewery little creature
Wander around the spacious Little Creature Brewery in Fremantle. | Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Besides the rolling wine regions in the South West, award-winning craft breweries and bars are wildly popular in Western Australia. An eclectic mix of modern breweries, grand heritage pubs and chic bars have become favourite spots for locals and visitors.  The Sunday session, an uniquely Australian experience, happens every Sunday in any city pub or bar with live music performed by local talents.

The Parkerville Tavern

The Parkerville Tavern is an institution in the heart of Perth Hills. Established in 1902,  the tavern occupies a double-storey federation style building. A large selection of local craft beers and cider on tap are available, with options from Feral Brewing Co., King Road Brewing Co. and Roleystone Brewing Co. They also carry an array of local wines from Perth Hills and the Swan Valley. This well loved grand heritage pub draws a large local crowd and with weather permitting, you can enjoy a selection of delicious wood-fired pizzas on the weekends. Live music is performed throughout the weekend, you can be sure to have a Sunday sesh here!

Little Creatures Brewery

Little Creatures Brewery is eponymous among craft beer lovers around the world. Fremantle has been home to this award winning brewery since its inception and the venue was once utilised as a crocodile farm. As the brewery practises an open door policy, everyone is welcome anytime of the day to walk into the Great Hall to soak up the atmosphere of the brewery while enjoying a beer served directly for the serving tanks.

little creature fremantle
Taste fresh beers straight from the serving tanks at Little Creature Brewery in Fremantle. | Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Next to the Great Hall is the Brewhouse, the heart and soul of the brewery, where you can taste a range of their beers whilst chatting to their friendly staff. The brewery also has an open kitchen serving woodfired pizza and other specialities. Make a day out of your visit by grabbing the free bike hire provided by the brewery to explore their community.

Universal Bar

A stalwart in Northbridge’s nightlife, Universal Bar has been the live entertainment venue for locals and visitors alike. For over 20 years, the two-storey bar has built an exceptional rapport for providing live music 5 nights a week on top finest quality food and beverages. It has served as a popular venue and function centre for National and International musical acts. This award winning bar is a must visit for you for a fun night out during your holiday.

18 knots rooftop
Breathtaking 360 degree views in one of the highest rooftops in Perth at 18 Knots Rooftop Bar, Doubletree by Hilton Perth Waterfront. | Credit: 18 Knots Rooftop Official Facebook Page

18 Knots Rooftop Bar

Take in breathtaking 360 degree views of Perth and catch a spectacular sunset on top of one the highest rooftops in. 18 Knots Rooftop Bar is located on the 18th floor of Doubletree by Hilton Perth Waterfront. The modern rooftop bar has an indoor lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows and an outdoor wraparound terrace, where you can take full views of Perth and Swan River. The bar offers a range of handcrafted cocktails and an extensive wine list as well as local seafood and other selection of sharing plates. Live music and performances are featured every weekend.

With so much deliciousness offered, Western Australia is not just the destination to witness wildlife and have an adventure but also the perfect foodie haven for all things refined and enjoyable.

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